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The Problem

We were bewildered that real estate agents are using email the same way as they used to 10 years ago. It became evident that a change was long overdue. Upon closer examination, we realized that the real estate sector lacked the tailored software solutions, compared to sales and business development representatives who benefit from a hundreds of tools, softwares and CRMs. Real estate agents have the leftovers, either outdated software, or software adapted from sales software, which is not tailored for their needs.


This realization served as the catalyst for the creation of Taskified, aimed at providing real estate agents and brokers with a sophisticated, intelligent software solution. Unlike generic software hastily adapted from sales tools, Taskified was crafted specifically for the unique needs of real estate professionals. Harnessing the latest advancements in AI, we've leveraged this technology to streamline every aspect of the real estate workflow.

Our Mission

Our mission became simple: make real estate professionals more efficient and productive by streamlining redundant tasks in order to achieve greater success in your business.

The Outcome

The outcome is the Taskified platform you now have before you – a smart, elegantly designed, user-friendly, and incredibly efficient tool that not only outperforms anything in the real estate realm but also stands as a world-class email software solution.

Why Taskified

Taskified is not just an email client. It is a productivity software that revolutionizes internal and external communication by utilizing cutting edge AI technology.Tailored for real estate professionals, Taskified utilizes cutting edge AI technology through our Smart Sorting System, Templates, Customer Profiles, AI filters, generation and more.

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Email is a redundant task that wastes hours of valuable time. Boost productivity with AI-drafted emails.